My work forms part of a project called ‘Rebel Visions’.  It focuses on the indefinable, the strange and the creation of mood.

I am not interested in tackling political or social issues in my work, my own personal agenda is simply to express an emotion or mood that cannot be easily described or captured but is nonetheless powerful and impatient. 

This work is the closest I have come to creating that, because I removed any rules, self-consciousness or expectations and simply experimented, I stepped away from my pre-conceptions of myself as an artist and went entirely with instinct. 

The work personifies freedom to me, including freedom from the prohibitive shackles of what art should represent in this current political climate.

The tone is set primarily by my literary, cinematic and musical tastes, work which is unapologetically personal and not trying to universally please, but still hopes to stimulate.

‘The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery’ – Francis Bacon.