My work, and the Rebel Visions project in particular, deals with mood and emotional atmosphere. Emerging from a kind of controlled chaos, producing something elusive, amorphous and impatient, the works are almost topographical, weird and expressive inner landscapes.

This project uses acrylic mediums and final works are limited edition archive prints, often large scale. This presentation of the work, rather than original paintings, with digital scanning as a vital element of the process was not only appropriate somehow with my background being photography rather than painting, but also because the original paint works were very small. The details only really become visible when they are greatly enlarged, then they become something quite other, alien worlds, with extraordinary detail and touches of slightly dark wonder.

I am continuing with this work, but am also starting a fresh series of works which will be a change of process, large paint and mixed media works, available as original works and prints.

Based in studio in Wales until Autumn 2019.


I studied art in university and went on to be a music photographer working in London for 10 years, regularly shooting for music publications, bands and working as part of film crews and tours.  I made a decision to move on from that to pursue more personal work and break new ground artistically.


  • Solo exhibition in Green Rooms Hotel, London May 10th - July 13th 2019. Work from Rebel Visions project.

  • Finalist in Association of Photographers (AOP) Open Award 2015.

  • Part of Association of Photographers (AOP) Awards Finalists Exhibition, London 2015.

  • Selected to exhibit in 'Live Energy' exhibition in Soho, London 2015. (Concert Photography)

  • Winner of 'Best Concert Photo 2009' Prefix Magazine.

    Have had work published in music magazines such as Disorder, Clash, Metalhammer, NME, Rocksound and Big Cheese.

    Also stills photographer for Dark Box Productions - Official Film Crew for Bloodstock Open Air Festival.