After some very enjoyable years spent being a published music photographer in London, I left that to pursue more personal work and to return to my art-based roots.

I returned to film photography and more tactile work - some mixed media, some paint based. All however part of a larger body of work embracing the experimental and sensory and expressing a particular emotional atmosphere or landscape that resonated with me.

I am working on several new projects currently, as well as progressing with my 'Paintscapes', and my 'Family' portraits, both of which are on-going.

* from 'House of Leaves' by Mark Z Danielewski



  • Winner of 'Best Concert Photo 2009' Prefix Magazine.

  • Finalist in AOP Open Award 2015.

  • Part of AOP Awards Finalists Exhibition, London 2015.

  • Selected to exhibit in 'Live Energy' exhibition in Soho, London 2015. (Music Photography)