Email: hello@hannahthomas.net

Mobile: +44 (0)7866 550846

Based in Abergavenny, Wales until September ‘19.

Any enquiries please email me, all works are available as high quality, limited edition prints.


After some very enjoyable years spent being a published music photographer in London, I moved on to pursue more personal projects and to investigate a more free and experimental style of work. My previous photography projects can be seen within the Archive section of my website.


Chaos, atmosphere, darkness, beauty - in an age of visual saturation and verbal soundbites, I wanted the indefinable, the atmospheric, the complex and intensely personal to run rampant.

It is a journey of experimentation and endless discovery.  The scanning process revealing a whole world of detail and nuance only hinted at in the first stage of painting.  Consequently, the final artwork is the full size limited edition archive print.  

(Acrylic Paint & Ink works - scanned and released as limited edition prints).

‘The purpose of art is mystery’ - Magritte.


  • Winner of 'Best Concert Photo 2009' Prefix Magazine.

  • Finalist in AOP Open Award 2015.

  • Part of AOP Awards Finalists Exhibition, London 2015.

  • Selected to exhibit in 'Live Energy' exhibition in Soho, London 2015. (Music Photography)

Have had work published in music magazines such as Disorder, Clash, Metalhammer, NME, Rocksound and Big Cheese.