My work forms part of a project called ‘Rebel Visions’.  It focuses on the indefinable, attempting to express an emotion or mood that cannot be easily articulated, something amorphous but nonetheless powerful and impatient. 

This work is the closest I have come to creating that, because I removed any rules, self-consciousness or expectations and simply experimented, I stepped away from my pre-conceptions of myself as an artist and went entirely with instinct. 

The work personifies freedom to me, including freedom from the prohibitive shackles of what art should represent in this current political climate.

With my background in rock bands, the work is heavily influenced in mood by my taste for the heavier and darker end of metal music, the epic style, the rebellion and the restless energy.

‘The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery’ – Francis Bacon.


I studied art in university and went on to be a music photographer working in London for 10 years, regularly shooting for music publications, bands and working as part of film crews and tours.  I made a decision to move on from that to pursue more personal work and break new ground artistically.

I am working out of my studio based in Wales until the end of the year whilst I am completing the next series of images within this project.